SEO Services

It’s very important to position your business on page one of “organic” (non-paid) and paid Google search for your most vital keywords and/or search phrases. The vast majority of users rarely click beyond page one to find what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of understanding the more-than-200 factors Google uses to rank a page of web content, and applying that knowledge to give your site its best possible opportunity to rank. SEO has evolved significantly as Google has changed and refined its toolkit for evaluating sites and the value of every page on a site.

SEO has been controversial, and rightly so, over the years. At one time, it was possible to game the system, but significant changes have left little room for shady practices. Fortunately, that shift works in favor of businesses that produce quality content that is very useful to their current and potential customers and clients.

Some say “SEO doesn’t work” but here at NetCrafter Solutions, our systematic, state-of-the-art approach has created real and measurable results time and time again. And when clients rank on page one for business-critical search phrases, qualified traffic and profits flow.

SEO begins with understanding a client’s business, the personas of its current and potential clients or customers, and thorough keyword and competitive research. NetCrafter Solutions’ search phrase opportunity reports create a clear picture of  the search ecosystem for any situation.

After the initial research and recommendations are complete, we collaborate with clients to do what’s needed to improve rank, whether that is specific content creation, changes in title and meta description tags, identifying and correcting technical problems, and more. Once goals are established, we track and report keyword progress in graphical and user-friendly formats. We use best-in-class subscription tools to help us develop, monitor, and report on SEO progress.

Knowing where you (and your competitors) stand in organic search, and having an actionable plan in place are keys to digital marketing success, so contact us today!