PPC services - NetCrafter SolutionsPPC is the most targeted form of marketing. NetCrafter Solutions is a badged and certified Google Partner Company.
Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is performance marketing. It’s all about capturing the attention, clickthroughs, and responses of potential customersĀ or clients at the precise moment they are searching for solutions online, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Netcrafter Solutions works closely with clients to learn their objectives and challenges, current performance and benchmarking, and budgets and ROI goals, to create high-performing PPC campaigns.

PPC marketing is…

  • Fast – Rapid in development and deployment, rapid in accumulating actionable test data, and rapid in adapting and evolving to meet and exceed return on ad spend (ROAS) objectives.
  • Unlike any other advertising medium – It appears in response to potential customers searching for what you offer, and provides them with an easily actionable way to connect with or buy from you.
  • Efficient – Many ads and keywords / search phrases are entered into testing, but they are quickly culled down to the winning creatives, maximizing your spend.
  • Mobile – Customers are making more and more search and buying decisions via smartphones and tablets. Paid search is a powerful presence on mobile, including “tap-to-call” options.
  • Remarketing – reaching potential customers who have visited your website with special follow-up messaging.

Clicks that work: Pay-per-click performance marketing is used by businesses ranging from small, local shops, to the world’s largest corporations. PPC is one of the fastest-growing forms of digital marketing.

How can NetCrafter Solutions help with paid search?
At NetCrafter Solutions, you work directly with president and owner Fred Zahradnik. Fred’s skill in direct marketing was honed at a global direct-response publisher, and has since been deployed successfully for dozens of clients, ranging from medium-sized businesses, to Fortune 500 corporations.

Unlike “interface jockeys” at large, impersonal firms, Fred has plenty of real-world business experience, seasoned (and award-winning) copy-writing skills, and the ability to execute on a complete program, including landing page consultation, Analytics integration, conversion tracking, and integration with lead management systems, such as HubSpot. Fred is a Google AdWords certified professional, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, and manages successful PPC campaigns in Facebook and LinkedIn.

Test and scale your way to success: Paid search lets you spread your ad spend and risk, with complete flexibility to fund test phases with different landing pages, and offers, for example, committing to a production spend only with positive ROAS. And even in production, PPC campaign budgets can turn (up, or down, or off) on a dime.

At NetCrafter Solutions, Fred, and a team of like-minded, best-in-class, U.S.-based associates, execute complete PPC programs, from a thorough client on-boarding and discovery, to audit and review of existing efforts, if any, to integrated campaign planning, to ongoing management and reporting. Contact us today!