Design, Development, and Multi-Variate Testing

The landing page – the first website page a potential customer sees after clicking on an ad or an organic listing – is crucial to your business success.

Everything on a landing page, from the headline, to the value proposition highlights, to the images, and the visual directional cues, influences whether a potential customer or client will contact you or buy your products.

And today, the landing page must also be mobile-responsive, and must perform well on the smartphone screen at all levels, including visuals, sequence and flow, minimal navigation, mobile-friendly forms, and tap-to-call and/or tap-for-directions functionality.

Putting Unbounce to Work For You
At NetCrafter Solutions, we are experienced and expert users of the Unbounce platform, which enables rapid development of mobile-responsive landing pages and thousands of customizable templates to choose from.

Unbounce speeds professional design and development with:

  • Hundreds of professionally designed templates.
  • Widgets for all form and button functions.
  • Multiple ways to securely store and/or deliver form input data.
  • Rapid multi-versioning and easy¬†multi-variate testing from a single URL.
  • Real-time conversion tracking and reporting dashboard.

Our platform minimizes designer time, and may nearly eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming IT and developer work. We routinely create significant increases in conversion rates with our system. Contact us to learn more about landing pages and split-testing.

Website Design & Development
NetCrafter Solutions works with a limited number of clients on complete website redesign projects, including concept and planning, information architecture, copy writing, visuals – everything you need to redesign, re-message, re-platform, and re-launch. We work exclusively in the templated WordPress environment and use a best-in-class development and hosting service, including state-of-the-art security, and 24/7/365 technical support. Find out how we can help you upgrade to a great new mobile-responsive site that your own team can easily manage and update after launch.