If you have been watching more YouTube videos lately, you have plenty of company. The number of US YouTube users has grown to more than 200 million. Users turn to YouTube for virtually any topic, and when they do, they like the shorter-format, often skippable ads, which give them a better experience and more control than longer-format (endless?) television ad slots.

But marketers have long yearned for much more precise and effective audience targeting from Google / YouTube, especially when compared with Facebook.

Google has countered with an increasing range of audience selects and custom audience-building options for all of its formats. The latest, and one of its more powerful options (at least on the consumer side – B2B is lagging), is the new and somewhat cryptically-named “Dynamic Lineups.”

These audiences are “dynamic” because “You can select lineups in Google Ads that align to moments, topics, relevance, or popularity. Dynamic lineups can include seasonal events, travel, sports, media and entertainment, beauty and fashion, video games, and more. Dynamic lineups are built using country-specific content for increased local relevance,” states Google.

So what’s in this box? So far, about 450 lineups ranging from topical, such as eSports or Business, to demographic, such as “Families with Kids Aged 6 – 8,” to seasonal holidays, sports, and travel.

You’ll find YouTube Dynamic Lineups Video under new campaign / placements / video lineups options. Worth some review of lineups available, and testing in consumer marketing, but still sparse in B2B options.