Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Your current and potential customers and clients are using multiple devices to access their favorite websites, apps, tools, and services. Meet them where they live with cross-platform digital marketing (and remarketing) by NetCrafter Solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

The art and science of search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved dramatically, but it’s alive and well. We’ve helped many companies find and then dominate the search terms and phrases that create and sustain business growth. Get started today.

Landing Pages

The landing page – the first page a potential customer sees after clicking on an ad or an organic listing – is crucial to your business success. We are expert users of the Unbounce platform, which enables rapid development of mobile-responsive designs.

You Need Measurable Digital Marketing  Results!

And you need them fast. NetCrafter Solutions is ready to take your company to the leading edge of cross-platform marketing and SEO, with personal service and strategies and tactics perfectly tailored to your needs!

Understanding Your Challenges and Opportunities…

We’ve helped dozens of companies exceed their digital marketing goals. Put our experience in creating winning campaigns to work for your firm. We are prepared to listen, and to answer all of your questions about all of the options available to you in starting new digital marketing campaigns, or auditing and improving existing campaigns. Our testing process lets you see real-world results before committing to production campaigns. With NetCrafter Solutions, you get:
  • A free initial consultation.
  • A detailed proposal, custom-tailored to your objectives.
  • A clear and measurable path to success!

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  • Google Discover Ads – Contextual Ads in the Search Feed

Google Discover Ads – Contextual Ads in the Search Feed

  • May 14th, 2019

Google announced a significant new addition to its advertising options at the 2019 Google Marketing Live conference: Discovery campaigns and ads. Discovery campaigns are a form of display advertising that runs in the Google Discover feed, which is most prominent on mobile devices. The Discover feed provides images, context, and information that has more richness and depth than a […]

  • Remarketing, the Right Way

Remarketing, the Right Way

  • December 5th, 2018

Remarketing advertising lets you reach users who have already visited your site. Most of my clients deploy it. It can be a valuable part of your campaigns, if you use it correctly. I was recently struck by two examples of remarketing, on the same scroll, while reading the New York Times.

The top example, from Varidesk, is good remarketing. I […]